Healthy Eating in Kapangan: The Star Apple

In my hometown of Balakbak, Kapangan, Benguet, here is something that continues to grow in abundance. The star apple.

As one story goes: Some menfolk from Kapangan were on board a Manila-bound bus. At a stop-over, a street vendor entered the bus shouting,”Caimito! Bili na kayo ng caimito!” (Caimito! Buy caimito!). One of the men saw and realized what a ‘caimito’ was and said, “Iyatku nu nganay caimito yan, star apple baw”. (I was wondering what a caimito is, it’s only a star apple). Strangely enough, the Kankanaeys know and call the star apple by its English name. As far as I can remember, my relatives have had no other term for it in the local dialect.

Behold the star apple tree

The star apple tree grows rapidly and reaches 20 metres in height( Wikipedia).

It is also teeming with leaves, which I like, as it becomes a canopy against the intolerable heat of the summer sun. The tree infront of my house certainly serves that purpose.

Sticky aftertaste

The star apple fruit can either be green or purple in colour. Further, it tastes delightful, although sometimes, it leaves a sticky aftertaste in the mouth. But, take note: this fruit in my hometown is certainly organic!

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