“IGOROTAK” (I am an Igorot).

I was born in the mountainous Benguet Province of the Philippines . My growing up years were spent between the bustling town of La Trinidad (the capital of Benguet) and the subdued but beautiful place of Balakbak, Kapangan. 

I am passionate about keeping the Igorot culture alive. This particular blog site aims to feature my personal experiences as I pay tribute to one of the Igorot tribes to which I proudly belong to, the Kankanaeys.

There are places, structures, customs and traditions in my hometown that, admittedly, I have been taking for granted.

Recently, a lot of them are in decline and have succumbed to changes brought about by development, modernization, climate change and just the natural ageing process. Now, whenever I get the chance, I savour the time spent with my elders and listen more attentively to their life stories. I take photos of anything that will remind me of my Kankanaey roots. I take a walk around my hometown and venture further only to discover that there is a lot more to see out there!

These are my own little ways of keeping remembrances of where I come from and of who I am. Before they vanish away completely.

THIS IS HOW IT ALL STARTED  To blog or not to blog





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