We call it ‘TOP-LOAD’

a young generation ready to ride the ‘topload’ way

TOP-LOAD: Once a way of life, always a ride of YOUR life. Have you ever done it?

Years ago, the transportation plying the route of the remote areas of Benguet to Baguio City was quite limited that when seats were full, ‘top-loading’, as the locals called it, became an alternative.

I could still remember the sound of my fellow passengers’ footsteps as they climbed atop the bus and scuffled for a seat amidst all those other cargoes. Eventually, we all got settled and whether one was seated inside or on top of the bus, nothing has dampened our eagerness to start a much-awaited journey to or from the province.

Nowadays, transportation to the said route and to other provinces has become more available at various times of the day. I also noted that on my last holiday, the law prohibiting ‘top-load’ is more strictly enforced, obviously, for safety reasons. But, among the folks of my hometown of Kapangan, Benguet in the Philippines, riding on top of a vehicle remains a viable option for travelling to their destination. The trick is to get down before the police checkpoint.😁

So, what happens during ‘top-load’?

Dare to hold on to dear life whilst embracing the panoramic view along the way.

view along the way

Choose to either look straight ahead or bravely look down as you pass by those deep ravines.

Expect a dusty and bumpy ride which hamper the breath of fresh air. And still appreciate the refreshing cool breeze on your face.

Imagine being on top of the world!

It must be time for you and me to conquer the fear and be amazed by an adventure of a lifetime while we still can. Ride top-load! (But, be safe😊).

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