The Power of 3 equals: Mouth-Watering WATWAT

    1. Firewood. Using this to cook watwat is a well-known  Igorot practice and that it must not be shunned. It has been said that there is a certain delightful taste emitted by any food cooked with firewood. Hence, there is no other way to bring out the best flavour of ‘the watwat' but to use … Continue reading The Power of 3 equals: Mouth-Watering WATWAT

We call it ‘TOP-LOAD’

TOP-LOAD: Once a way of life, always a ride of YOUR life. Have you ever done it? Years ago, the transportation plying the route of the remote areas of Benguet to Baguio City was quite limited that when seats were full, 'top-loading', as the locals called it, became an alternative. I could still remember the sound of my fellow … Continue reading We call it ‘TOP-LOAD’