Site Identity: Benguet Sunrise

Sunrise in La Trinidad

Taking a beautiful photograph of the sunrise entails finding the perfect spot, being there at the right moment and using a sophisticated photographic equipment, the camera, none other.
Unfortunately,  the shot above has had none of the above.

Not The Perfect Spot

It was a spot by chance. This photo was taken two years ago in the town of La Trinidad, Benguet. This opportune snapshot happened while staying at my brother’s house on top of the hill. I am sure that this view is not visible in the valley below where it is now crowded and traffic-ridden.

Not the Right Time

Or that’s how it felt at that time. I was struggling with jet lag, stayed awake till early morning and decided to get some fresh air on the porch. There it was! The sunrise!

Not a Sophisticated  Camera

All I’ve had with me was my smartphone.  I  must use what came in handy to capture a rare scenic view in a place now engulfed with noise and modernization.

But as I’ve said, it was a beautiful sunrise.

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